Book Review: “Lost Vegas”

Wild, wild Vegas!

Paul McGuire describes a Las Vegas that fortunately I have not encountered thus far.

Despite it being a very interesting read about the world of poker, drug excesses and prostitution in the wildest city of the world I am happy to not have seen the city and the poker industry as “Pauly” depicts it in those 4 years I am part of it. I’d rather read about it than live it…

The poker business as I had not experienced it so far…

It is strange to read about times that I have myself been around the World Series of Poker in 2008 and I was probably in the same room as Paul multiple times as I acted as a helper for some bloggers there for a couple of hours and I have had an entirely different experience.

Personally it also makes it an interesting read for myself because he mentions a lot of people from the poker business that I know as well.

Poker lovers will enjoy this read

For anybody outside the world of poker I can not imagine this book finding too many lovers (unless you crave for the stories of a drugged guy going wild in Vegas), but if you are part of the poker movement you will enjoy the insights into the biggest and most prestigious  poker festival in the word, the quirky characters that are part of it and the highs and lows of the poker industry.

As much as you can question the character of the author and his way of casting poker players and industry in a negative light his writing is great and it is difficult to put the book down.

I hope my upcoming Vegas trip (in three days after writing this) will continue to show me the kind of Vegas I learned to love during my last 5 visits and I will only slightly brush the craziness and degeneracy that lies underneath.