I’m a CrossFitter now!


one month at CrossFit.

So I guess this isΒ  a good time to officially call myself a CrossFitter.

I am in love with this concept and addicted to it! I want more, I want higher, I want faster, I want better!

In my last blog post I mentioned already how much I enjoy going and what a great crowd of people the guys are here in the IOM “box”. I feel like I found something that I can fill my spare time with, that gives me a purpose and oh so much reward! All things I am longing for right now in other areas of my life.

3-4 times a week is how often I go at the moment. I hope to be able to increase it to at least 5 in January.

I usually do the sessions at 6.30 in the morning, before work. I went through the sweat, the pain and the tears. But the gain after each session is incredible. I feel good about myself, I start the day refreshed and on a positive note and I can’t wait for the next morning for the next session. I push through the tasks of the day like I do through the exercises in the “box”.

Everything seems easier, if you just simply do it!


Obviously weight is relative here. I built so much muscle that – as you all know – weighs more than fat. My family has a weird history of building muscle in a heartbeat. We are all bulky and muscular people on the Maschmann line… πŸ˜‰

In this past month I obviously watched what I ate as well…tried to diet but often failed. I still lost 3 kilos and I hope that my metabolism will be even more active in a couple of months and the kilos will drop more easily.

Body Fat

And this is the part that is irritating me… you would assume as I build muscle but lose weight that my body fat percentage would go down significantly. I actually gained 0.5%! So something is off. It might just be my expensive Withings WiFi scales.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s me…my body does strange things…


And this is confusing as well. Again I should see dramatic changes in girth but hm… it actually went down and then back up… which would make sense at my legs and arms as that’s where most muscles are showing now… but everything else… oh well…as I said…my body is weird.

  • Waist: -0,5cm – this is odd as I can actually SEE that I lost a lot around my belly…
  • Hips: -0,5cm – same here…
  • Arms: -1,0cm
  • Thighs: +0,5 –Β  now THIS can only be due to muscle… my legs LOOK slimmer
  • Bust: -1,5cm – and of course here I have lost most…meh

Everything is definitely more toned! No question! But I am still waiting for the big changes!

Other effects on my body and soul

I start at the bottom and work my way up.


When you lift weights and jump on boxes you actually need a lot of those little muscles in your feet for balance. So it was weird for me to struggle during weight lifting because my feet were aching. I know there are professional shoes for that but I don’t want to go that far just yet and use my running shoes. And again, I can actually see more muscles in my feet. Amazing!

Unfortunately I dropped an empty barbell on my right foot today and it’s quite bruised now…but that will go away… πŸ˜‰


Somehow from all the squatting the sides of my calves give me some weird pain…so far I consider this normal and probably just sore muscles…but I will need to keep an eye on it.


In the beginning I was concerned that my knees would chicken out as they often do. But I guess as I build so much muscle through squatting those actually support my knees so that I have no issues there yet at all.

…except some bruises from push-ups on my knees (despite mat). Soon I will be able to do real push-ups and so no bruises anymore… πŸ˜‰


The quadriceps is one of the most important muscle(groups) in the body…and we have two of those. These should be able to do so much more than they do on a day to day basis. All that desk-sitting have completely weakened mine. I never show my legs as I find them fat and ugly. But now I can already see improvements and it will be interesting to see my new legs in a dress at the Christmas party in 10 days.

We do a hell lot of squatting (with or without extra weights) and so I can feel already how my thighs feel stronger and harder. …and they are hopefully burning a lot of calories…hehe

…at the moment my thighs are quite bruised from the barbell. A lot of weight lifting involves bouncing the bar off your thighs before heaving it up over your head or so… That doesn’t help my party dress plans…lol


Yepp…firmer… πŸ˜‰


Lost some, but still a lot more to get rid off. I think these things are seriously getting more difficult the older you get… Luckily a lot of sit-ups are part in the workout. Also we use special mats for that that supports the lower spine which is one of my weakest areas.

Lower Spine

In 2004 or so I was diagnosed with arthritis (just one of my numerous health issues). I feel it in my shoulders a lot but mostly in my lower spine. As it’s painful to do certain movements I naturally avoid them. But obviously this is the wrong thing to to as I need to strengthen the muscles around my core to support my spine.

During one of the last workouts I was supposed to lift a 8kg medicine ball off the floor, stand up with it, perform a squat with it, drop it and repeat 110 times with 55 box jumps in between. After around 30 squats I knew I won’t be able to finish this task as my back was in so much pain. I told the trainers and just continued to do as much as I could. I obviously felt that I was using exactly those muscles that I need to support my spine but the pain was just too much so that I “only” managed 90 squats.

At night I felt like granny Maschmann in bed with a hot seed pillow at my lower back, but the next day I felt the muscles around my lower back and I was happy that something is happening there to support my weakest spot!


I see, feel, love muscle here. Problem is again that I am already quite “bulky”, so I am always concerned to gain too much muscle here and have even more trouble finding a man as I already have broader shoulders than many…haha

From time to time I feel some nerves trapped and just general uncomfortable soreness around my shoulders and shoulder blades. I hope that will go away soon.

…again…in that Christmas Party dress I will show a lot of shoulders (it’s strapless) and I am looking forward to showing off a bit there… πŸ˜‰


My hands look like work! I have scratches and “burn marks” from the jumping rope and I am building callus on the heel of my hand from all the push-ups. I got gloves now to help my hands a bit against the roughness of the floor and the barbells.


While working out I make a lot of stupid faces from the strain. Sometimes the lines are carved into my face for half an hour later…and I always get a big red face as well.

But as soon as that has calmed down, my face looks slimmer and more relaxed than just a couple of weeks ago.


I am happy! This was one of the last things I expected when I joined CrossFit: I actually gained Happiness! The daily workout, reaching my limits, pushing my limits further, seeing the progress, seeing the results and just having great people around me that support you all the way is an incredible experience.

Friends and co-workers even notice how much happier, more awake and more alert I am recently…

I understand now why this is such a successful concept!


You have a choice!

For all of you out there… have a look at CrossFit when you can! There are free taster sessions etc.. Don’t get shocked by the super fit people around you! Everything is scaled. I am still on the lowest scale in every exercise we do. I am not planning to compete in CrossFit Games one day, I just want to see my own progress every week and feel even better about my body and happier in general!


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  1. I see you have found the crossfitter in you and that you are truly enjoying it. Way to go girl! Knowing your determination you will soon be fit as fiddle πŸ˜€

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