Ups and downs and around and around….a colourful weekend indeed!


yes, I had an awesome weekend once again. Thanks for asking! 😉

I just go through it chronologically as it was heavily packed and very eventful!

Being good on Friday

Friday was a night out with co-workers as one bid his farewell to leave this island (Isle of Man) and move to the next (Malta). I stayed good. No alcohol, some nice food in one of the latest nightlife editions in Douglas called “Bath and Bottle”. In retrospect this was a very smart thing as Saturday turned out pretty wild.


It was the official opening day at CrossFit IOM. Families and partners were invited to see what CrossFit is all about. There was a raffle for charity and a group workout that could be witnessed by the visitors.

First I made sure I was in the official opening photo then I bought some raffle tickets. Today (I wasn’t at the actual drawing) I found out I have won a bottle of champagne and a glass carafe. Chicken dinner!

Yeay, congrats CrossFit IOM!

Right….the thing though was the Group Workout! Oh the horror! Normally at CrossFit it’s you against yourself and you can relatively easily dismiss the super-human fitness around you while you struggle with your own little exercises. Not in the Group Workout though. Everybody was separated in two teams and we got our tasks to finish as soon as we could and preferably faster than the other team.

I will just post the photo of the board here so you can see what we needed to do:

Well… I was the slowest with everything so my team had to wait for me every single time when I fought with “Burpindies”, “Sit-Ups” and lifting barbells from ground to overhead. By the time we reached the “300 Wall Balls” task I couldn’t go any further. I tried to pick up the ball but struggled, got suuuuuper frustrated with myself and ran off to the changing room crying. Yes, crying! Silly me… I just got overwealmed. The pressure is the problem. I know I am unfit, but having everyone else around me holding that mirror to my face is not motivating for me… I have a lot of health issues, so I am naturally not able to compete here. Everybody is so nice, but it was me beating myself up for not being able to keep up… I got a pep-talk from our trainer and another really nice girl from my team and went back outside to finish it off – with some help from the team.

This was supposed to be a fun thing but ended in tears for me. Meh.

All happy to have had that Group Workout behind us! 😉

Well, good thing is that the next Group thing will happen in 2 months for me and until then I will super fit as well! 😀

The real fun part was then when we all met for drinks in the evening! …and I thought CrossFitters can’t drink… lol
It got pretty much out of hand at some point. I managed to get on stage at Jabberwocky’s to perform a song on guitar for the group, we went wild at Bordellos and even wilder in the Piano Bar.

I love these guys! 😀

I made some new friends I think. And the next times working out will feel even better now that we all met outside of the gym.

At 2.30 I finally decided to go and see my friend Sheila. As it was her birthday party and I had a gift for her in my handbag all night. When I arrived the party was over and I was basically the last guest arriving just before they wanted to go to bed. I came in all drunk and merry and they gladly invited me in. They asked “Are you aware that you have lipstick on your cheek?” and I happily told them how it was left by one of the CrossFitter girls earlier. It took around 15 minutes over a chat till they said “OK, you’re f***ed! We are calling you a cab!”

It was such a great night! And despite the crying also a great day!

Hangover Sunday

Yeah…and of course I paid for the fun on Sunday. My stomach didn’t even keep water and headache pills inside for the first couple of hours but when I felt better I met friends in town for the food market and some good ol’ German sausages!

Bratwurst in a bun with my favourite ketchup in the world as hangover breakfast! Heavenly!


Then I made it to the casino in order to play the £30 donkament… I didn’t do well… misread a guy and ran into his aces. In the cash game I managed to win half my buy-in back.

The game was good. I would have stayed longer but I had to get up early this morning for CrossFit at 6.30. I am NOT giving up! 😀

I am glad not all weekends are this packed. But once in a while this is real fun!

That’s it for now. 🙂