My 15 minutes in the Bahamas

So, the 10th PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA) in the Bahamas is history. Another winner that takes down almost $2 Million in one of the biggest poker tournaments in the world. Lucky him! I am also happy for the winners of the Highroller Events that won several Million $$$ and obviously generally happy for everyone that could make it to the Bahamas and attend this event.

So far I haven’t made it to go over and work there while the event is on. Maybe some day I will get my proper Bahamas experience.

It’s not that I haven’t been to the Bahamas…nooohooo…. in 1993 – when I was 14 years old – we went for a family vacation to Florida. It included a day trip to the Bahamas.

We set out with the ferry from Port Fort Lauderdale to Grand Bahama Island. The trip took 5 hours there and 5 hours back…with a full quarter of an hour on the island itself! It was the biggest rip-off I have probably ever experienced myself.

During the 5 hours on the ship we spent 3 hours queuing inside to fill in immigration forms (both ways!). Obviously we left the USA and we re-entered the USA, so it was made very clear that we have to go through this process again and deal with unfriendly border control staff both ways.

We had hoped for beautiful sceneries as you knew them from TV and movies like this…

But what we got to see was the harbor and from a hurricane damaged industrial halls and also some tourist t-shirt stands obviously…

Here is the sad part of our holiday video.  After around 6 video minutes of fun on the ferry this is the short summary of what we got to see of the Bahamas….


So, yes. I can say I have been to the Bahamas and I have marked it on my world map….but I haven’t actually BEEN there! 🙁

Well…some day…some day…