My first CrossFit Games Open participation – Not last!


I had a very simple goal in this year’s CrossFit Games Open:

Don’t be last in the Leaderboard!

That goal was achieved and I am proud I took part and happy about my ranking (though this isn’t 100%  possible to define it seems).

For those of you that don’t know what “the Open” are I though to give a summary here of the workouts that had to be submitted in order to take part.


First of all, the CrossFit Games Open are a worldwide competition that everyone can take part in. And that means EVERYONE! The only thing is the way you submit your score must follow the guidelines. So either you get judged in any CrossFit gym with qualified coaches or you submit a video following the exact standards.

Over 5 weeks you have to complete 5 workouts. The workouts are announced live on Wednesdays and this gives the start signal for everyone around the world to submit their results by Sunday.

Over 130.000 people signed up and most of them submitted their scores. I couldn’t find an exact review and the exact numbers yet.

But here is a rundown of the 5 workouts.

Workout 1 – 13.1 – 6th to 10th March

I was super-psyched about taking part in this competition. My only goal was really not to end up last in the leader board.

The first workout was announced on 6th March:

17 minutes time to complete:

  • 40 burpees

  • 30 snatches (45lbs / 75lbs )

  • 30 burpees

  • 30 snatches (75lbs / 135lbs )

  • 20 burpees

  • 30 snatches (100lbs / 165lbs )

  • 10 burpees

  • Snatch AMRAP (120lbs / 210lbs )

This video explains the standards:

I managed the first 40 burpees, 30 snatches with 45 pounds, the next 30 burpees and then the unexpected happened: I managed to do 15 snatches with 75lbs. My personal best at that point was a snatch with 65lbs. I surprised myself, my fellow CrossFitters and my coaches. One of them even came to me afterwards saying “I’m SO proud of you!” which almost made me cry.

After this result I didn’t mind much anymore how I would do in the other workouts as I suddenly found myself in the middle position in Europe and the world. Half the women couldn’t manage a snatch at this weight so by being strong I had earned a great placement right in the first week.

I was obviously aware that I couldn’t hold this as at some point certain gymnastics etc would come up that I couldn’t do…like pull-ups etc..

115 points. But for now I was happy.

Workout 2 – 13.2 – 13th to 17th March

10 minutes time to get as many rounds as possible of

  • 5 Shoulder-to-Overhead (75lbs / 115lbs )

  • 10 deadlifts (75lbs / 115lbs )

  • 15 box jumps (20” / 24”)

This video explains the standards:

I had injured my calf 2 days prior to this workout so that sucked big time. The weight lifting part wasn’t a problem but I couldn’t jump on the box. I had to step on it. This slowed me down and tired out my right leg.

5 rounds + 19 reps. 169 points. Not bad still.

Workout 3 – 13.3 – 20th to 24th March

12 minutes time to get as many rounds as possible of

  • 150 wall balls (14lbs to 9’ target / 20lbs to 10’ target)

  • 90 double unders

  • 30 muscle ups

This video explains the standards:

Phooar! 150 freaking wall balls? I knew already I would be struggling to finish the wall balls only in 12 minutes. With a  small flicker of hope I prepared the rope, knowing I will most like not get there. Also muscle-ups were finally the gymnastics that I can’t do anyway. But I didn’t need to worry.

I did around 130 wall balls but only 86 counted as I either failed to hit the mark on the wall or didn’t go low enough when squatting.

86 points. Oh well. Still happy about my general participation.

Workout 4 – 13.4 – 27th to 31st March

7 minutes time to get as many rounds as possible of

  • 3 Clean and Jerks (95lbs / 135lbs)

  • 3 Toes to Bar

  • 6 Clean and Jerks

  • 6 Toes to Bar

  • Increasing by three reps every round

This video explains the standards:

And there it was. I can’t do Toes to Bar. And this screwed me up in the end. For the 3 points I could have gotten for the 3 Clean and Jerks I didn’t go through the effort while traveling to find a box for it. And because I didn’t submit this score I am not ranked in the leader board. I wasn’t aware of that.

0 points for this one.

Workout 5 – 13.5 – 3rd to 7th April

(4 – 12 minutes)

  • 15 thrusters (70lbs / 100lbs)

  • 15 chest-to-bar pullups

  • 4 minutes added for every 90 repetitions completed within 4 minutes

This video explains the standards:

This one was a beast. This last Open workout was announced with a bang. Especially the male face-off was incredible. Basically the two most famous male CrossFitters, Rich Froning and Jason Khalipa trying to beat each other’s scores. Amazing to watch and a real nail-biter.

10-04-2013 16-43-35

I was back home and could go to my own box for it but it was clear that I could only do the thrusters and no Chest to Bars. So I got my 15 points in and just for fun attempted a C2B…but obviously failed.

15 points.

OK, so there we go. I am an official CrossFit Athlete now..unfortunately with no final score, but all data is here:

I landed somewhere in the lower quarter and that is absolutely awesome. I never thought I could compete in something like this and actually not end up on the last spot.

Europe Females
Something I pulled out of the leader board for European women…

So, I am happy, I’ll keep on training (still doing 6 sessions per week) and I am looking forward to next year’s CrossFit Games Open. Maybe I will be an actual competitor then fighting for top spots…who knows. 🙂


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