CrossFit Review after 6 Months


there we go: 6 months at CrossFit. Still going strong although the last month was difficult due to holidays and sickness.


I pulled the data out of Fitocracy again to give an idea of how much I have done during my CrossFit sessions:

  • 2371 Sit-Ups
  • 2034 Squats
  • 1006 Kettlebell Swings (average 14kg)
  • 1756 Kneeling Push-Ups
  • 1546 Ring Rows Pull-Ups
  • 1026 Burpees
  • 1439 Box Jumps (20 inches)
  • 2 hours rope jumps
  • 13.4 kilometers of rowing
  • 510 Barbell Dead Lifts (average 39kg, max 95kg)
  • 371 Barbell Squats (average 44kg, max 80kg)
  • 333 Front Barbell Squats (average 31kg, max 57.5kg)
  • 409 Cleans (average 24kg, max 45kg)
  • 1345 Jerks (average 26kg, max 45kg)
  • 600 Snatches (average 22kg, max 35kg)
  • …and many many more


After 3 months I had lost 3 kilos. Now I am down 8 kilos! It seems like I am doing something right. Working out 5-6 times a week, eating right (low carb, no sugar, a lot of protein)…and all without too much effort. I am enjoying myself, having fun, still going on nights out with the booze. My metabolism seems to have woken up and things are happening! Whoop!

Body Fat

The body fat data from my scales is still confusing me… but according to it I am only down 1.1%. I will have to check with the scales in the gym again at some point.


  • Waist: -5cm – Finally something happened here as well!
  • Hips: -8cm – this is awesome! Best result!!!
  • Arms: -1,5cm
  • Thighs: -2cm
  • Bust: -4cm – …meh…I guess it’s normal to loose size here…still sucks… 😉

It’s amazing to see how my body transforms. It’s not as fast as with a lot of other people, but it is happening and it feel good.

The fact that I am enjoying myself in all this is definitely one of the big positives of CrossFit. I don’t feel forced to go to the “box”, I don’t feel forced to eat differently. It all just falls into place and I am having a good time!

My back does not hurt anymore and so do my knees. I think I might be starting actually build on a healthy body now instead of fixing several issues as I did during the first months.

I still can’t do a pull up or more than 2 push ups in a row…and my big goal for this year – climbing up the rope – is still far off as well. But it’s one step after another. 🙂

Bring on the next 6 months!