Daily Log – 13th March 2014: Running errands

13th March 2014

6.30am: I woke up by myself. The sleeping pill had done it’s job. I had gotten enough sleep and now I waited half an hour for the radio alarm to go off.

8.30am: off to the office. Casual look today as I knew I’d be going to town later to run some errands. The canteen surprised me today with an odd mistake in their pricing system. I figured out that if I order eggs and bacon (2 each) separately instead of as an omelette with bacon (2 eggs, 2 bacon) I save £2. lol

I hate it when prices don’t make sense. I want to pay what a thing costs to produce plus the little extra to make the vendor profit. Absolutely fine…but making prices up as you go along or haggle for it like on a Tunesian basar is NOT my cup of tea.

Anyways…I know how to save some money now.

9.30am: had a phone call with my mum in Germany. We catch up once a week…usually Sundays, but sometimes that doesn’t work out so we pick a different day. Apparently they have 20 degrees in Germany. Awesome… good for you! Good for you…

4pm: After many meetings, calls and more staring at the computer screen I made it out of the office early to drive to town.

Post Office first to request my Manx driver’s license but the process had changed and I will have to do it all over again… meh. I got copies of my apartments key for my housing agency as they had lost the other set… great… so someone on the island is running around with my apartment keys.

Paid in a dental insurance refund cheque at the bank, laughed at a guy talking for a long time to some bible people in front of M&S, bought some leggings, bras and groceries and headed back home.

I had invented a little game and I had tried to beat Tuesday’s score but couldn’t… the game is to count the number of people that I see that I know in town while running errands for one hour. Tuesday’s score was 7, today’s was 6…so close!

…yes, these are the things you keep entertained with when living on a tiny island… 😉

6pm: I decided to play a bit of online poker… 6 tourneys, 2 final tables… made $300! Not bad! But only got 5.5 hours of sleep because of this.