Mrs Moreganized

Today I found EverNote. Don’t ask me how it took me so long… but I am mesmerized! I will be even MORE organized than I already am! Basically MOREGANIZED!
In combination with Trello and Google calendar, nothing can stop me!
But seriously, I did have a very productive day, especially organizing all kinds of paperwork into digital form. This is pretty essential for a minimalist and nomad.
I also did some more digging when it comes to the Round-The-World ticket. Apparently I can get the whole trip for £1800 on instead of £3000 on STATravel… Now, STATravel is well known, especially for their expertise on RTW tickets, but saving THAT much money? How can I resist?
Well, turns out, has quite bad reviews and it seems you have to double and triple check every single detail as it seems like the people there (or the system) are not thinking. So all the thinking is left to you. But I can do thinking. So, I will keep giving this a shot and deciding on payday what to do!
Another cool thing was accomplished today. I booked my Sydney accommodation. I will be staying in a space ship!
Not really, but here, you’ll see what I mean:

The Capsule Hotel
I am not claustrophobic, otherwise this would be a no-go. In contrary though: I love my little caves and I can’t wait to stay in this quirky place for just £177 for 5 nights!
That’s it for today.