For my Thailand trip I made the decision to not go to Koh Lanta after all. It’s funny as originally I had planned to stay there for the full month.
The main reason is that the trip from Krabi there and back is annoying. Also, I want to see more different stuff. So, I am going to start from Phuket, do day or multi-day trips to Phi Phi etc, then fly over to Samui, stay there for a week or more and then can easily fly over to Bangkok to continue my journey to Hong Kong and then Japan, before hopping over to the US of A.
Wow, what a sentence.
Also, I figured as it’s so hard to pay the full amount for the round the world ticket, I might really stick to the main big flights and book all additional small flights later on, depending on necessity and liquidity.
Another thing I have been researching is the beach cleaning work I’d like to do while I am there. I want to commit to a 1-2 day beach cleaning activity. There seem to be a few organisations that do this, but I might only find things when I am there.
I think that’s all the progress I have made concerning my GlobeRocker trip for now.
Stay tuned.