Children’s Day, Millennials and the Beginner’s Mind

Part of my morning routine is to check out the latest podcasts on my download list and listen to one or more while I get ready for the day.

Another part is to do the Daily Calm, a 10-minute mindfulness session on the app Calm (I highly recommend this, by the way).

It’s not even 6 am yet as I am writing this, but I already had a lot to think about from these two sources of morning inspiration.

Children’s Day

Today is Children’s Day.

Today’s Daily Calm revolved around the wonder and immersion of children as they experience the world. The way children can so much easier be in the moment and see the every aspect of life as a miracle, small or large.

Working in innovation and facilitating creative workshops has taught me a lot on how to try evoke this Beginner’s Mind again in adults and see everything with fresh eyes, considering all the possibilities.

It is not an easy thing to do. As adults we go into almost every situation with preconception and expectations. Snapping an adult out of being an expert or even know-it-all, is a massive challenge, that I am facing on a regular basis.

Personally I think, I am quite lucky. I am fighting the same internal fight, of course, but I think I am still able to apply the Beginner’s Mind in many instances and see and appreciate the richness of new experiences.

And this brings me to the other piece of content I consumed this morning, Reid Hoffman’s Master of Scale podcast with the topic “The Millennia Episode”

Being (sort of) a Millennial

I was born in 1979, so I am theoretically in between Generation X and the generation called Millennials. I’m slightly too old to call myself a Millennial, but I do see a lot of the characteristics in me.

And part of that is the way I see the world, as a place full of opportunity.

I was still brought up to learn a profession (Audio-visual Media Producer) and I was supposed to stick to this for the rest of my life. I went with this norm for a few years, but then in 2005, after failing in my endeavours of running my own video production company, I broke free.

The thought was to travel the world and work in different countries for short periods of time, do different things, while experiencing the richness of our planet. Basically, I wanted to be a digital nomad, just the digital part did not really exist at the time. So I became a nomad for a few years, living out of a backpack.

In the end I found a dream job and my plans got side-tracked, but that’s not the story for today.

What I have learned from Reid Hoffman’s podcast this morning, was that Millennials have this constant urge for change, for something new. There seems to be an understanding of the vast range of opportunity out there and a confidence to go and explore it all.

What was the new street in our neighbourhood that we were finally allowed to explore as kids once we grew a little older, is now a whole new continent, open for us to experience as adults.

The sandbox on the playground in all its detail is now the beaches of Thailand or Bali.

Say what you want about Millennials, the fact that we (I will just include myself now) are able to see opportunities and want to explore all angles of life, embrace change more easily, is fascinating and empowering in my eyes.

Stay curious

There is so much more to see and explore out there. Even if you are bound to a place, it doesn’t mean new experiences are not attainable. Try out courses to learn new skills, join local meet-ups, practice a new sport, do mindfulness training to see your surroundings with fresh eyes and revel in the wonder that is life.

Adopt a Beginner’s Mind.