T-47: Getting fit and strong for my world trip – CrossFit vs F45

Only 47 days to go that I set out for my big round-the-world trip.

Last week I had decided to put myself under a little challenge and go to functional fitness sessions six days out of seven. Three of these were CrossFit, three were F45.

The reason for this was that I wanted to get myself in good enough shape to be able to master the travels. You know, from experience I can say how much easier traveling is, when you’re physically fit as opposed to when you’re a slob.

I have done both, so I speak the truth.

Now, first of all, I am aware that six sessions won’t make a big difference. But hold your horses. It was just a challenge to go for six sessions in one single week. I have actually signed up again with CrossFit for sessions three times a week anyway until early December. So that will give me six weeks of functional fitness at CrossFit with the odd F45 session thrown in, time depending.

I thought to take the opportunity to write up a bit about my experiences here, comparing CrossFit directly with F45.

To start with: I am biased as I have done Crossfit on the past and it was my religion for two years. F45 just caught my attention as it’s just downstairs from where I live at the moment.


Let’s start with the non-fun stuff. It is well known that CrossFit is very expensive. You can expect around $200 a month to sometimes not even having more than three sessions a week.

I was always “ok” paying this as it simply worked for me. And once you found a fitness regime that works for you, hold on to it with dear life, even if you’ll have to sleep under a bridge.

Now, F45 turns out not to be that much cheaper. A monthly membership is also around $200, but this is for unlimited classes. A single session would cost you €23 in the gym I am going to. That’s crazy!

But again, after having done this now, I have to say, it also works and it’s probably worth it.


After having had these horribly exhausting F45 sessions now, where you basically do a speed circuit for 45 minutes, I realised that compared to this, CrossFit is a piece of cake.

CrossFit is laid out for the longterm. I remember many of the sessions gruelling and soul crushing. The sessions I do at the moment are hard but fine… I was shocked to see how my fitness held up with CrossFit and heavily challenged at F45.

Now, obviously, I only did a couple of sessions each and it might just be the programming of these specific gyms, but it was eye-opening.

Has CrossFit become lame?

Even my original concerns that people are thrown into these high speed F45 workouts, not showing the best of form, worried about injuries, I have to admit that it works. there is always a small enough group and enough coaches around that they do indeed have an eye on what you’re doing.

These reservations remind me of what people often say about CrossFit, but I think I was lucky to have had amazing coaches back in the Isle of Man.

How did I feel?

After this week of six sessions I can honestly say I felt better than the previous months. My body was more toned, too. Although I am not doing this to lose weight right now, it’s purely to build that functional fitness.

The issue is time. Doing a 1-hour fitness session basically takes three hours out of my day. It sucks being a woman, but what can you do? That alone is reason enough for me, not to keep up more than 3-4 sessions a week until my journey begins.

And it will just have to be enough. 🙂


If you have tips on how to increase fitness for travel, please post them in the comments.