Be Confused = Be Creative

“The Creative Mind” on Netflix is an interesting documentation about how and why humans are creative. There are a few things that inspired me to write up a few lines for you and maybe help spark some creativity in your life.

Living as a creative human myself – writer, musician, videographer, photographer – I consider myself an entertainer. But creativity is not always about entertainment. It can simply be the way we solve problems around us.

Least resistance

The brain automatically looks for the way of least resistance as it uses up a lot of energy. So we look for the known, the familiar when moving through life.

Once we get thrown into an unusual and unknown situation though, our brains light up. We need to access old knowledge and combine it with the new information to make sense of it.

Travel to unlock new pathways

I am a well-versed traveller, but I have to admit that I choose safe routes most of the time. It doesn’t mean that I am not learning and experiencing to the fullest. As much as I love travel I rather pace myself this way.

There are people that prefer not to travel at all and stay in the familiar day-to-day. That is fair enough. It is the safe route without much confusion and need for innovation.

But if you are looking to get creative and innovative, being confused and experiencing unfamiliar situations will increase your output.

Germany – the place of least resistance

For me personally, Germany seems like the place of least resistance. It is my home country and I decided to leave it many years ago.

So, one might say that Germany is the place of least resistance for me in more than one way.

Germany in general is a very streamlined country. Things just work. And if they happen not to work perfectly, people go crazy. They rarely try and see this as an opportunity to fix and improve things, but rather shout to have things returned to what they are used to.

I could have just stayed in this environment and be content. No confusion, no stress, no unexpected situations.

Add confusion to your life

But for me personally this is not how I see my life. I’d rather throw myself into the unfamiliar, the new, the adventures, the excitement, because it inspires me. And to be an entertainer and a problem solver, I need to be inspired.

To become more creative and inspired, you do not need to go backpacking to India or go bungee jumping in New Zealand.

Think about how you can add something new, something confusing to your day-to-day routines in order to become more creative.

Take a different way to work, try that new restaurant, order a meal you never tried before. There are endless opportunities.

Please share your ideas for adding more confusion to your life in the comments and tell us how it worked out for you adding these things to your life.