Keep Chipping Away On Those Challenges

Every day I am listening to a bunch of podcasts and I am reading interesting articles about society and innovation. I decided to start sharing my learnings and aha moments with you in some short blog articles.

Today’s topic is “Challenges”. As I just started my new life as a location independent worker, or “digital nomad”, I enjoy listening to the “Location Indie” podcast quite a bit.

There is some catching up to do and the episode I was listening to today was from May 2018 and simply titled “Challenges”.

Keep chipping away

We often struggle to overcome challenges of any kind as we see the sheer scale of it all at once, but the general trick is to just get started and keep chipping away.

The Location Indie podcast focuses a lot on the “getting started” part, and I would like to pick it up and continue with the “keep going” part.

This “chipping away” principle is something I remember from my CrossFit days. When I had challenges ahead of me of 300 squads and 200 press-ups and the like and I reached a point where I thought I just couldn’t go anymore, it was super helpful when the coach simply shouted, “Keep chipping away! One rep after another.”

No heavy strategy or motivational talk. Just that: Keep chipping away!

Make it YOUR challenge

A reason why we can’t get started on solving our problems or start attacking those challenges is that we need to own up to them.

As long as we keep pointing at them in the distance we can find at all kinds of things that are in the way and reasons not to take care of them.

We step away from a challenge as we know once we start, it’s on us now!

No more leaning back, pointing at things or people and complaining. That’s easy.

It’s time to step up, own it and make it your challenge. You’re in control, so go get it done and overcome those challenges.