Promotion to Freedom

A few weeks ago I announced my leave from my longterm employer and teased my plans to do something creative and independent.

At a poker event in Dublin, a well-known Irish poker player came over to shake my hand with the words “Congratulations for the promotion!” and seeing my confused look he elaborated, “Congratulations for the promotion to FREEDOM!”.

We all laughed, but he was very much right with this statement. I am finally free to choose what I want to do and be where I choose to be.

It’s time to let you in on my plans.

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Location independent Consultant for Creative Solving and Content Creation

I am in the process of building a consultancy for Creative Solving and Content Creation. This brings together what I have done the past couple of years, working in Innovation, facilitating Design Thinking workshops, training staff in creative problem solving and also my actual profession that I have earned 15 years ago: Audio-visual Media Producer.

This, in addition to a total of 8 years of Online Marketing experience, makes me very confident that I have a lot to offer to established businesses and start-ups alike, supporting them in their efforts to innovate and improve products and processes.

Here is a selected list of services that I will provide:

  • Design Thinking workshops to solve specific business problems
  • Design Thinking workshops to train staff
  • Problem solving consultation session
  • Brainstorm/Ideation sessions
  • Social Media Marketing/Management
  • Video/audio/photo Editing
  • Writing/Copywriting

All the above services are provided in English and German.

As I will be working location independently, as a Digital Nomad so to speak, personal sessions like workshops will need to be planned well ahead or very spontaneously. Consultancy work and creative tasks like editing can be done from anywhere and anytime.

All this will be done under the brand “NICE & SUNNY”. So, this very website will soon be both, and entertainment platform to further follow my journey through blog articles, video blogs and podcasts and also a one-stop-shop for all the different services I will provide.

The simplest thing to remember is, whenever you ask yourself
“How can we improve/increase/decrease X for our business/customers?”
and you would like some fresh eyes on the issue, get in touch with me. 🙂


It’s Nice & Sunny!