Serendipity, Opportunities & Taking Chances

Serendipity is one of those words that have crossed my path many times, but that I never really found a connection to. It might be because I didn’t have a similar German word with as much heaviness and imagination as “serendipity” in my vocabulary.

Today I heard it once again on a GaryVee podcast and I want to write down my thoughts on this.

Serendipity and Spirituality

I am not a religious person and I don’t believe anyone or anything is guiding how our lives go. What I do believe in is that everything is connected as everything is made out of the same stuff.

So, when these “weird” coincidences and moments happen in my life, and they happen often, I understand they happen because I am there to see them. They don’t happen for “a reason”, I just have my eyes open to see them happen.

If you go through life with a negative attitude, not ready for good things to come your way, they rarely will. But if you open yourself up for opportunity, you will suddenly see all those chances you can take.

The Doors of Perception

I am not going to go into the topic of drugs. No, I have a story for you concerning the band The Doors, that took the name from Aldous Huxley’s book “The Doors of Perception” about psychedelic experiences.

In 2016 I took my first ever trip to Paris and despite not being a massive The Doors fan, I still put the Père Lachaise cemetery on my list of things to see, simply because that is where Jim Morrison is buried.

I stood in front of his grave, barred off with a security guy standing by at all times and had a little chat with Jim in my head, “Yo Jim, shame I wasn’t alive when you were making music. I wish I could have seen The Doors perform. Peace out!”, or something like that.

Fast forward a few months and I started dating a music manager from L.A.. Pretty exciting stuff and on New Year’s Eve that year he invited me to come to London as he was the tour manager of Riders on the Storm and they were playing there for two nights.

I googled the band and learned that it was made up of two of the still living members of The Doors, Robbie Krieger and Ray Manzarek and they just weren’t allowed to call themselves The Doors anymore because of the former drummer’s lawsuit.

So there I was, only about half a year after my little talk with Jim, actually seeing The Doors perform.

Was it Jim? Was it a coincidence? Was it serendipity?

I think it was me being open to opportunity and taking chances.

The morale of the story is: Open your eyes to opportunity and say yes!